Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Home Buyers was an exhibition held at Artstation in Auckland in 2007 featuring work by Paulus McKinnon, Jo Auld and myself. We were exploring ideas of land ownership, realestate obsession, and the modern day condition that posits owning a home as a rite of passage into adulthood in New Zealand.  
 Here are some of my machine stitched drawings all are A4 and the images are gleaned from trademe an online auction site and where I searched auctions using tags such as "suitible for flats" "first home buyers" "handymans dream" 

Paperwork was a collaborative exhibition of Sophie Klerk and myself held at the Green Bench Gallery in Whanganui, 2008. Working with old paper we manipulated, altered, printed, hand drew and recontexturised images, text and pattern to produce three major works that explored notions of domesticity, collaboration and memory.
We projected this image onto the wall using an old overhead projector.
Our work was puclished in issue 49 of Urbis which featured a story of Sophie and Julian and their Green Bench Gallery.(see above)