Tuesday, March 30, 2010

pay and display - public art

Pay and Display was an event held on March 21st 2010 at Guyton Street in conjuction with the Open Studio weekend in Whanganui. Parking spaces were occupied by various artists, some were set up as intereactive pieces which invited the public to participate. This was a test run for an event happening here in Whanganui in September - International Parking Day for mor info see http://www.my.parking.org/

In my space I set up a knitting room with chairs carpet and other knitting paraphernalia. I invited people to come and sit and knit with me. Some stayed for quite some time and completed knitted roses or peggy squares, these were stitched onto a large grey rug and became part of the piece. I loved some of the conversations that were had about learning to knit, and how relaxed people felt after they had sat and knitted awhile.

Thanks to all that helped me including my mum and sister and to those that came and knitted and (k)nattered with me - it was fun. 

Whanganui Chronicle March 22 2010 p3 

graffiti knitting

One evening in the month of March my friend Pam and I went out and installed some knitted pieces I have been working on. My favourite by far would have to be the Sarjent Gallery piece. It was so much fun and felt kinda naughty! So far only one piece has gone missing but the others are still up

The Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui

outside the Rayner Brothers Gallery


Jolt Cafe

Diane's piece
Outside Chronicle Glass Studio

Watch this space....more to follow.

Stitched Birds

Now showing at the Pumice Gallery, Whanganui
a series of endangered endemic and self introduced New Zelanad birds stitched using my hair on antique pieces of linen or cotton.
These are available for purchase from Pumice Jewellery Gallery  gbjs@xtra.co.nz

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My first solo show was at High Street Project in Christchurch. I was playing around with movement, light, shadow, and sound.

To and Fro. 1999
lead sinkers were suspended down from the ceiling on nylon threads and swung gently in the breeze of a really old beautiful fan. I wanted to create a multi sensory experience for the veiwer.
The nylon threads caught the light as swung to and fro creating a beautiful sense of sun through raindrops. 

Shiver. 1998

In the adjacent room a screen of a thousand nylon threads was suspended in front of an old light and an other old fan blew on the threads casuing them to slightly shimmer and shiver. Light was captured and shadows  were cast.  The refraction of light through the nylon threads lead me to create a much larger screen later to be seen in our post graduate exhibition.

It was a great night at High Street Project and many people stayed on well after the alcohol ran out which I took as a great complement for creating such a beautifully comfortable and ambient experience.

early work

Some early oldies but goodies - paintings made in 4th year of study in 1998. I was playing around with textures, embosing undercoats, printing techniques and reduction of colour pallette. Ideas were concerned with notions of femininity, memory and reinterpreting Ad Reinhardt "Black paintings".  All oil on board.

3 in the serires called
Forty Black Paintings. 1998

Forty Black Paintings


Swatch, 1998

Many of these paintings sold at our graduate exhibition and I only have these photos as distant memories of a very productive and successful year of painting. The money all helped fund my trip down to Christchurch to begin a Masters Degree at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Art.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Home Buyers was an exhibition held at Artstation in Auckland in 2007 featuring work by Paulus McKinnon, Jo Auld and myself. We were exploring ideas of land ownership, realestate obsession, and the modern day condition that posits owning a home as a rite of passage into adulthood in New Zealand.  
 Here are some of my machine stitched drawings all are A4 and the images are gleaned from trademe an online auction site and where I searched auctions using tags such as "suitible for flats" "first home buyers" "handymans dream" 

Paperwork was a collaborative exhibition of Sophie Klerk and myself held at the Green Bench Gallery in Whanganui, 2008. Working with old paper we manipulated, altered, printed, hand drew and recontexturised images, text and pattern to produce three major works that explored notions of domesticity, collaboration and memory.
We projected this image onto the wall using an old overhead projector.
Our work was puclished in issue 49 of Urbis which featured a story of Sophie and Julian and their Green Bench Gallery.(see above)