Tuesday, March 30, 2010

pay and display - public art

Pay and Display was an event held on March 21st 2010 at Guyton Street in conjuction with the Open Studio weekend in Whanganui. Parking spaces were occupied by various artists, some were set up as intereactive pieces which invited the public to participate. This was a test run for an event happening here in Whanganui in September - International Parking Day for mor info see http://www.my.parking.org/

In my space I set up a knitting room with chairs carpet and other knitting paraphernalia. I invited people to come and sit and knit with me. Some stayed for quite some time and completed knitted roses or peggy squares, these were stitched onto a large grey rug and became part of the piece. I loved some of the conversations that were had about learning to knit, and how relaxed people felt after they had sat and knitted awhile.

Thanks to all that helped me including my mum and sister and to those that came and knitted and (k)nattered with me - it was fun. 

Whanganui Chronicle March 22 2010 p3 

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  1. I love it!!! It’s such a cool idea to occupy parking spaces with art and crafts!