Saturday, January 2, 2010

early work

Some early oldies but goodies - paintings made in 4th year of study in 1998. I was playing around with textures, embosing undercoats, printing techniques and reduction of colour pallette. Ideas were concerned with notions of femininity, memory and reinterpreting Ad Reinhardt "Black paintings".  All oil on board.

3 in the serires called
Forty Black Paintings. 1998

Forty Black Paintings


Swatch, 1998

Many of these paintings sold at our graduate exhibition and I only have these photos as distant memories of a very productive and successful year of painting. The money all helped fund my trip down to Christchurch to begin a Masters Degree at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Art.


  1. I remember these lovelies well - I wish I'd been one of the discerning buyers at the time. Great to see you're still producing gorgeous work. Much love, Bronwyn

  2. Hey Bronwyn,
    its been too long!
    thanks for your lovely comment,
    love always Katherine