Saturday, January 2, 2010

My first solo show was at High Street Project in Christchurch. I was playing around with movement, light, shadow, and sound.

To and Fro. 1999
lead sinkers were suspended down from the ceiling on nylon threads and swung gently in the breeze of a really old beautiful fan. I wanted to create a multi sensory experience for the veiwer.
The nylon threads caught the light as swung to and fro creating a beautiful sense of sun through raindrops. 

Shiver. 1998

In the adjacent room a screen of a thousand nylon threads was suspended in front of an old light and an other old fan blew on the threads casuing them to slightly shimmer and shiver. Light was captured and shadows  were cast.  The refraction of light through the nylon threads lead me to create a much larger screen later to be seen in our post graduate exhibition.

It was a great night at High Street Project and many people stayed on well after the alcohol ran out which I took as a great complement for creating such a beautifully comfortable and ambient experience.

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